Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Brilliant for grilling!"

We're working on the grilling goods, the fixings + condiments for Labor Day. The meat case gets filled with the usual suspects: Steaks, house made all beef hot dogs, burgers, all kinds of sausages. Baked beans, slaw, potato salad, BBQ sauces + such will be ready to go for the 'Good Bye Summer' weekend as well.
And there's a really exciting newbie in the case as well: It's a Natural Piedmontese Beef Rib Eye. This type of cattle has been bred in the northern Italian region of Piedmont for centuries. It's unique beef is a traditional favorite in authentic Italian kitchens + is now also raised in the US. According to Butcher's Chef Warren, it's truly a fine meat: "The Piedmontese Rib Eye has a bigger beef flavor than your regular steak + is appropriately marbled, but less fatty. It is just brilliant for grilling!"
And grill we will, this coming weekend. What a blessing that we will get to spend it at home in New Orleans, this year; in our back yards, with friends + family. Not on hurrrication, like last year.

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