Friday, September 4, 2009

Butcher goes fancy

The man who's in charge of the salami making at Butcher, now + then whips up some unexpectedly delicate, decadent goodies: This time around, Salumiere Kris fancies us with a Pâté moulée . It's basically a meat filled puff pastry. But this certainly doesn't do justice to the french delicacy: Grilled + ground pork gets seasoned with mace, black pepper, salt + thyme. Then hand made puff pastry gets neatly wrapped around the stuffing, leaving a small vent for the steam to escape. Then the Pate is backed off.
While the meat is baking in its wrap, it shrinks a bit. As it's volume decreases, it's leaving an empty space between meat + pastry dough. To fill the gap, you pour aspic (= basically pork jello, says Kris) through the vent in the pastry. Then you let it sit in the fridge over night.
The next day, you cut into this loaf of goodness. Open up a fancy bottle of wine, down load a couple of French songs from itune or let do 'le mix', get the cornichons out, slice up the Pâté moulée + go at it!


  1. For pity's sake change the color scheme here. It is giving my eyes the fits. I can barely read it. Other than that thank for the posts

  2. Sorry for that, Arthur. And thanks for reading it anyways!!!