Friday, August 21, 2009

It's for good luck!

It's way to early for Holiday + New Year's Eve talk. So I thought. But not in Butcher world: Kris just made 'Cotechino', an Italian specialty sausage, traditionally served in Italy with green lentil & polenta around new year. The lentils symbolize coins = money, the dish is eaten to hopefully receive lots of it - and good luck in general. In New Orleans, we eat black-eyed peas on New Year's day for that same reason.
'Cotechino' is a thick, fatty pork sauage, seasoned with warm spices like clove, nutmeg + cinnamon. Butcher's Kris says it's best served hot to really bring out its creamy texture. Traditionally the sausage is either slow cooked in water over small heat for a couple of hours or cut in chunks + cooked together with lentils, soup or stew. Butcher's Kris likes to cut it in think slices + pan sear them for a nice crunch.
2010 is not around the corner quite yet, but hey, I'll eat a hearty lentil stew with some tasty 'cotechino' any day. If some good luck comes with it, I'll take that too.

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