Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coniglio arrotolata

You take a bunch of lardo strips + lay them out on a plastic foil. You bone out two whole rabbits. One is laid out on top of the lardo, the other one is coarsely ground + seasoned with salt, black, white + cayenne papper + savory. The ground up meat is then spread in a thick layer on top of the rabbit, the whole thing get's rolled up into a big, fat sausage + cooked.
The result of this process is called 'Coniglio arrotolata' or rolled rabbit. Slice the roll open + there it is, a beautiful looking cold cut: you can make out the loins, even the heart! If done right, 'coniglio arrotolata' is seasoned only subtly to let the natural rabbit flavot shine. It's best eaten as is, just with some mustard, some cornichons + a fresh, crusty bread.
It goes into our meat case as we speak.

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