Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Butcher's Thanksgiving 'to go'

This Turkey Day, let us do the work: Choose your favorites, give us 48 hours + pick up your meal. Bird, gravy'n all.

Specialty meats
brined whole turkey $4/lb
brined turkey breast $8/lb
stuffed turkey $5/lb
crown roast $17/lb
lamb rack $28/lb
cooked whole ham $10/lb
boudin $5/lb
stuffed chicken $18/each
whole hogs market price
bbq pork $8/lb
smoked beef brisket $9/lb
meat loaf - ready to cook $16/each
foie torchon $6/oz
foie gras terrine $8/oz

mirliton- shrimp casserole $8/pint, $16/quart
oyster + corn bread dressing $8/pint, $16/quart
broccoli + rice casserole $6/pint, $12/quart
green bean casserole $6/pint, $12/quart
cauliflower gratin $7/pint, $14/quart
smothered greens $6/pint, $12/quart
potato salad $5/pint, $10/quart
cole slaw $4/pint, $8/quart
baked beans $6/pint, $12/quart
potatoes au gratin $9/pint, $18/quart

Soup, gravy + bread
cranberry satsuma sauce $8/pint
giblet gravy $10/quart
chicken + sausage gumbo $18/quart
Cochon dinner rolls - par baked $4/dozen

Sweet stuff
pecan pie $16
sweet potato pie $16
two crusted apple pie $16
pumpkin pie $16
cookie tray $30/25 pcs
cup cakes $25/10 pcs

Call us at 504.588.7675 or come by: 930 Tchoupitoulas, NOLA 70130

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