Friday, July 24, 2009

What is.... Chaurice?

Salumiere Kris made chaurice this week. Wondering what it is? Same here. This is what I learned: The newest addition to the Butcher case is a fresh, spicy, all pork sausage. Chaurice is the creole take on the Spanish chorizo - which most people know as a cured, dried sausage, but it's actually also made + eaten fresh. But we'll talk about chorizo next week.
The chaurice is flavored with some classic southern ingredients: green onions, onions, celery + garlic. There's also some fresh parsley, black, white + cayenne pepper, salt, dry thyme + paprika in it which makes for quite some spicy heat. And then there's all natural pork, of course.
The chaurize is, similar to an andouille, mostly used as seasoning sausage rather that eaten as is, like a brat. It's known to be the traditional Red Beans & Rice sausage: cut it in chunks + add it to the beans. Or pan fry it, before adding it to a hearty root vegetable stew. Use it when you make a lentil soup with carrots, onion, celery + garlic this fall. Or take it out of its casing, brown it in a saute pan + add it to your tomato based pasta sauce. Go ahead, be creative. By the way, there's nothing wrong with the casing we use. It's all natural, you can eat it or not. Voila.

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  1. Sounds delicious. I just got back from Spain and ate a large quantity of Spanish cured meats, so it'll be good to compare notes when I return to NOLA. Hope you'll still have some of that deliciousness on hand!